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LTYG Podcast - Nanoparticle Minerals with Jim Haszinger (MP3 Audio and PDF Transcript) (AU)


Find out how Jim's grows his patented angstrom-sized minerals and 'harvests' them. Jim also gives instructions in how to use nanoparticle-sized minerals to increase absorption and improve your health in myriad ways.  We also discuss Jim's ideas on how to re-set fermentation in the gut so that it wipes out viruses, yeast and bad bacteria.

Audio Length: 2 hours

Transcript Length: 52 pages

We also discuss how to use minerals in a certain way to kill viruses throughout the body and how people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome can go from exhausted to working out in the gym.

And so much more! This teleseminar is one of our longest and ran to two hours. Jim Haszinger, the founder of Mini-Minerals talks about a lot of new products and concepts. Whether they work, is something yet to be determined.

I can tell you that the Bone Support and Minerals of Life trace minerals work superbly as these I have already tested with my family (see my video on this) and we now carry here in the Shoppe.

Note: We tested Jim's anti-viral protocol: Ultra 1, Ultra 2 and Ultra 3 but found we already have stronger protocols: Jini's Wild Oregano Oil Protocol and Jini's Quad Synergy Pathogen-Parasite Protocol (see my blog for details on these)


Jim Haszinger is a renegade health researcher and product formulator. He teams up with highly specialized scientists from around the world to create his patented formulas. He is one of the founders of Mini Minerals – Nanoparticle-sized mineral supplements.