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Private Health Consults

Jini Says:  Unfortunately, I cannot legally give private health consultations to my readers.

BUT I can refer you to some doctors and practitioners who are familiar with my protocols. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with each doctor's methods and perspective and know that while they have read my books and talked with me, they are entirely independent consultants with their own ideas and protocols. Some of my readers have had excellent experiences with these practitioners and others have been disappointed. So always follow your own gut and don't give your power away! If you sense that a doc is not working for you, then leave, and find someone else who resonates better with you.

The teleseminars I have done with some of these doctors are available below, and I highly recommend you listen to them, to get a sense of the practitioner and if they're right for you first.

Dr. Carolyn Dean - you can contact her directly at: www.drcarolyndean.com

Dr. Paul Goldberg - you can contact him directly at: www.goldbergclinic.com

Dr. Wendy Ellis - you can contact her directly at: http://drwendyellis.com


In Sydney, Australia:

Bianca James - you can contact her directly at: www.colonhealth.com.au

Dr. Thomas Borody - you can find out more at: www.cdd.com.au

In Israel:
Adi Zusman - you can contact her directly at: http://belly-way.co.il/

NOTE: The Workbook that comes with Listen To Your Gut (on the CD-Rom) provides you with a customized treatment plan by the time you reach the end of the book - but you have to actually DO the Workbook and fill in the answers. So you may want to start with that first and then book with a doctor or health coach if you need further guidance.

Emotional Healing
As I say repeatedly throughout Listen To Your Gut, until you deal with the emotional components of your dis-ease, you will not experience complete, or long-term healing. Watch my short video on this topic. And here are some good practitioners who can help you with this:
Aileen Nobles - contact her directly at: www.AileenNobles.com
Frances Goodall - contact her directly at: http://www.francesgoodall.com/booking-appointment/
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