Lazer Tapping - Self-Healing & Empowerment at Your Fingertips

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Did you ever wish healing yourself was easier?

Do you wonder why you keep engaging in the same destructive patterns, or relationships, or thoughts, over and over again?

Do you ask yourself:

Why do I keep choosing the same partner – different face?
Why am I still poor?
Why am I still sick?

Imagine if there was a self-healing technique you could use whenever you wanted to:

  • Release anxiety and down-regulate your nervous system
  • Stop re-hashing the same thoughts or aggravation again and again
  • Dialogue with your body to find out the meaning or message of a symptom
  • Stop torturing yourself with repetitive, or escalating painful emotions
  • Release a belief or mental block that is sabotaging your relationships, or finances, or art
  • Free yourself from trauma-based beliefs, patterns or sabotage
  • Relieve physical pain or illness

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What is Lazer Tapping?

Lazer Tapping, EFT, TFT, and other acupressure tapping methods work by stimulating the acupuncture meridian points on the body. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) believes that energy (chi, ki, prana) flows through the body along energy pathways - similar to how blood flows along arteries. Now imagine this network of energy pathways is 3D; connecting every organ, bone, cell, tissue, atom, emotion, belief, spirit, and feeling, together into one grid.

The meridians are the pathways along this 3D grid or network. And all along the meridians are individual portal points; these are the acupressure tapping points. The acupressure meridians are the connection between the visible and the invisible.

Grand Master Xi-Hua Xu says, "Besides helping connect the body and mind, meridians link an individual’s consciousness and subconsciousness. While connections occur at the physiological level, other critical linkages take place at an invisible or quantum level that today’s technology cannot yet measure."

With Lazer Tapping, we laser-focus into individual issues, traumas, memories and beliefs, and access where they live, or are stored, in the physical body, as well as the emotional body. As we speak out loud, we engage the conscious mind and get our emotions flowing. We talk about our feelings or memories, while tapping on key points along the meridians, and this connects us into our energy body, our subconscious, and the traumas stored in the physical tissues and cells of the body.

Lazer Tapping is an integrated mind/body/spirit healing modality; healing, shift, release or transformation takes places across all levels of the self.

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