Jini's Healing Guide: Natural Treatments for Rectal Prolapse (eBook) - by Jini Patel Thompson

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Rectal prolapse occurs when the tissue that lines the rectum falls down into or sticks out through the anal opening. Rectal prolapse can start off by protruding only during bowel movements; then it may protrude during sneezes or other abdominal contractions; then progress to protruding during activities like walking, and eventually it may reach chronic protrusion, where the rectum fails to retract at all.

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In this eBook, Jini Patel Thompson gives you detailed instructions in both how to treat rectal prolapse and also how to prevent it from occurring or worsening. A number of herbal and bodywork tools are given along with specific dosages and instructions.

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What is Rectal Prolapse?

Natural Treatment for Rectal Prolapse
    Constipation or Straining To Defecate
    Counter-Pressure and Massage
    Painful Rectal Area

Bodywork Therapy

Rectal Prolapse Treatment Summary

About the Author

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Here is what some readers had to say about this eBook:

"I want to write to you with my feedback because I cannot say how much you have helped me. I followed everything you suggested in you ebook , (including the squatty potty). and am now feeling I have the situation very much more under control. I was very reluctant to consider an operation, and doctors really do not make any of the extremely helpful suggestions you made , So thank you, I feel much more confident and in control of the whole thing 
---- you have taken away all the fear I had , and I appreciate it so very much."

- M.K, USA

"Thank you so much. Your advise has already made such a difference in just 5 days. I have been searching for help for years. I have gone to doctors to no avail. Thank you a million times.”

- Z.L., USA

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This is a condition that is seldom talked about, with even less practical solutions offered, other than surgery.

However, I strongly believe, that given the proper tools and support, the body can heal from just about anything - even when the cause is due to an accident, trauma, childbirth, etc.

You may want to combine this eBook with my Healing Meditation - Customizable to really get your mind/body working in sync to resolve your rectal prolapse.