Enough Already! - 6 Guided Audios (almost 2 hours total of MP3 audio)

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This audio course is an experiential journey that will take you deep into your own soul to shift patterns at the cellular level. It will dislodge the grip of any unworthiness you might feel, find the source of your deepest pain, and rekindle your soul’s knowledge of its depth and utter brilliance.

There is this pervasive fear that we all carry – that somehow we are not enough, that we do not measure up, that we cannot be all we should be. It is at the root of scarcity, of lack, of shame, and of avoidance. Look into your own life. Where does “not enough” show up for you?

Alternately, when you look at the way you live your life, what beliefs of “not enough X” show up for you? For example: not enough time, or, not enough flexibility, or not enough freedom. This audio course will lead you into awareness of beliefs or patterns of behaviour that are limiting your flow and freedom.

How have these beliefs held you down, shoved you onward, worn you thin, or locked you up? What have you lost, missed out on, or believed out of your reach?

What would it take for you to be enough – not just for others, but for yourself, for everything you hold dear, and for this world? Enough Already! will guide you deep into the foundation of your fears and blocks, through the dark, wild places within, and out into the sweet open air of transformation and possibility…

Sit or lie down in a quiet place and let me take you on an experiential journey into your depths, linking up your body, mind, emotions and spirit, and then re-writing limiting stories and transforming blocks to freedom and flow that may exist within you.


Length: Almost 2 hours - 6 Guided Audios, MP3 file

Written and Narrated by Lori Clarke

This audio series is very powerful IF you allow yourself to explore all the places where "not enough" or "I am not enough" live in your self and your life. If you are not willing to go there (in the safe space that Lori creates) then you will not reap the benefits and transformation this audio journey offers. If you can stick with it - and I think it should be done in ONE sitting, no breaks - then a powerful re-writing of your story and transformation from lack into power awaits you. For me, 'not enough' did not show up as a belief/feeling about myself. It showed up as 'not enough ease'. Imagine how that was impacting my life. Sure, I could still get things done, and do what I wished, but it was always a bit of a struggle, hard work, some striving, and took a lot of energy. Moving into flow and EASE is so much nicer!! This audio journey helped me open up to experiencing life more in this way - to re-writing and re-imagining this old, default way of manifesting my desires. And being able to move forward, and through my days with ease and grace. Ahhhh...exhale.