ElementGold Vegan Unsweetened Caramel - 1 kg tub

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ElementGold Plus+ Vegan Unsweetened Caramel is a tasty shake that allows for the rapid uptake and absorption of nutrients in a way that minimises the risk of triggering sensitive digestive systems.

Originally formulated for the nutritional support of sufferers of Crohn's Disease and IBS, these foods are also suitable for:

  • Sensitive Digestive Systems
  • Trouble Chewing or Swallowing
  • Difficulty Digesting or Absorbing

How to Use

A standard serve of ElementGold Plus+ is 100g (4 scoops using the included scoop) of ElementGold powder shaken or blended with 250 mL of water. A 1kg tub of ElementGold Plus+ Vegan Unsweetened Caramel contains 10 standard serves.

Each standard serve provides about* 1580 kJ (378 kcal) of energy. Where increasing energy intake is desirable, an oil such as flax seed oil can be added to boost a serving by around 540 kJ.

* Each flavour is slightly different due to protein and flavouring differences.

As ElementGold Plus+ Vegan Unsweetened Caramel is nutritionally balanced food, the main factor to consider is how much energy you need. The amount of energy we need from food varies from person to person due to a range of factors. As a broad simplification 8700 kJ is often quoted as an average adult daily energy requirement, which equates to about 5.5 standard servings of ElementGold per day.

Base Nutrients

All ElementGold Plus+ and ElementGold Plus+ Vegan flavours contain the same base nutrient blend including 13 Vitamins, 14 minerals and 10 free-form amino acids. A full list of ingredients is below. Please view the Nutrients page for more information about the base nutrient blend.

Added Protein

In addition to the free - form amino acids in the core Elemental Blend, ElementGold Plus+ Vegan has added protein to approach the maximum amount of protein that can be absorbed from one meal. The protein is made from whole grain brown rice and is an excellent source of vegan, hypo-allergenic protein.

Sweetener and Flavourings

Although some sugars are naturally present in ingredients such as maltodextrin, no sweetener is added to ElementGold Plus+ Vegan Unsweetened Caramel. The reason for this is to allow for a choice of appropriate sweetener and level of sweetness (or adding no sweetener). In certain situations, Low FODMAP diets and SIBO for example, some sweeteners will NOT be suitable so check with your healthcare professional to ensure you are not compromising your digestive system. In most cases stevia is a suitable sweetener.

Flavourings and colourings used in ElementGold are all naturally derived.


This is an elemental diet shake (that I helped formulate) for all my lovely Australian and New Zealand readers!

ElementGold is a very special elemental diet shake because it has FSMP approval - so you might be able to get the cost covered under your health insurance plan. Your doctor can also order it in and sell it from their clinic or hospital because it's FSMP - Food For Special Medical Purpose.

So yes, this is the Australian version of Absorb Plus (the elemental diet shake I formulated for the US and Canada), and you can use it in exactly the same way. Follow directions in The IBD Remission Diet the same way as well - the serving size is the same. The only difference is in the form and amount of some of the vitamins, minerals and aminos - because Australia has different regulations and allowable limits/forms of supplements.

You can use ElementGold as an exclusively elemental diet, or a half-elemental diet, or just to supplement your diet with highly nutritious, easily absorbed nutrients - for those who cannot digest or absorb the nutrients from whole foods.

What Is An Elemental Diet?

An elemental diet is also referred to as a bowel rest diet. It is a pre-digested, liquid diet that contains all the basic nutrients your body needs. The nutrients are in pre-digested form so they require very little digestion and the nutrients are easily and quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. In this way an elemental diet supplies your nutritional needs whilst giving your digestive system a rest. It can be helpful for people with colitis, Crohn's, diverticulitis, severe IBS, AIDS, the elderly, and some forms of cancer - especially when combined with targeted healing substances and bone broths - as I show you in my book The IBD Remission Diet.

The stool that results from an elemental diet is greatly reduced in volume and usually liquid, therefore, it also gives your colon a rest from passing normal stool and this helps colonic wounds to heal faster.

I used an elemental diet to recover from a bout of hemorrhaging that left me weighing 99 lbs (I'm 5'7"). In six weeks I weighed 135 pounds and was working out at the gym 3 times a week (my complete story and instructions on the type of elemental diet I used are in my book The IBD Remission Diet.)

What Is A Half-Elemental Diet?

A half-elemental diet is used when someone's IBD is still active and they are having difficulty tolerating foods and eating or absorbing adequate nutrition. But for whatever reason, they cannot (or do not want to) do a full elemental diet. So, instead, they consume half their daily calories as elemental diet shakes and the other half is comprised of easily tolerated or low residue foods.

In a 2006 clinical trial, doctors assessed 26 patients with Crohn's Disease, who used a combination of an elemental diet for half of their food intake (900 – 1200 calories per day) and then whatever they wished for the other half ("free diet"). The control group consisted of 25 patients with Crohn's Disease who just consumed an unrestricted diet, whatever they wanted to eat (100% free diet).

Then, they measured the recurrence of relapse (symptom flare-up) over a two year period. The relapse rate in the half elemental diet group was significantly lower – only 34.6% – versus a relapse rate of 64% in the free diet group. (Source: Effectiveness of an 'half elemental diet' as maintenance therapy for Crohn's disease: a randomized-controlled trial. S. Takagi, K. Utsunomiya et. al. Aliment Pharmacol Ther 24, 1333-1340)

When mixing your shakes (if not elemental) I do not recommend you use soy milk (depresses thyroid function, inhibits mineral absorption) or pasteurized milk (mucous-producing and irritating to the gut). Use other nut milks, raw milk, goat, camel, etc. However, if you want to keep your shakes elemental, then mix only with water.

Important: All elemental diet shakes are VERY sticky on the teeth. So be sure to brush after each shake - pay particular attention to the gum line - to avoid tooth decay.

Transitioning Off Elemental Shakes

Please know that when your digestive system has healed to the point where you can absorb nutrition and you are no longer underweight, then it is likely time to transition off Absorb Plus and onto a whey or veggie protein shake, or easily tolerated foods.

Not only is this cheaper, but it's better for ongoing gut health to avoid simple carbohydrates (like tapioca maltodextrin) when you are able to use superfoods like chia seed and flax seed instead. Here are my instructions for transitioning off of an elemental diet.

Nutrition Information: