DIG DEEP WORKSHOP ~ Come Home To Your Body + Free Bonus

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80-Minute Video Workshop + Free Bonus

Have you ever experienced the healing or calming power of animals?

In Ancient Greece the word Aleksikakos was used to describe the Healing Horse:

aleksi – take away, defend, help
kakos – evil, bad

The horse takes away that which is bad; it actively facilitates healing.

Jini's herd of horses is a powerful mix of 11 wild mustangs, semi-feral horses and 1 domestic horse. Jini says, "The reason I leave my horses as wild and untouched as they wish, is because a fully empowered, embodied horse is a very potent healing facilitator."

Join the Singing Horse Herd, Jini Patel Thompson and 2 other healing facilitators (Jenny Andrews & Güliz Ünlü) for this powerful workshop experiencing what it’s like to be IN your body.

Teachings from the horses enter our beings at a very visceral level; it’s like our body receives a different level of learning/awareness from the horse’s body. Combining the horse’s work with human commentary or translation enables our human monkey-mind to receive as well.

Join us if you feel dissociated from your physical body, or if you find it hard to connect with your body, or receive guidance from your body wisdom. If you’ve suffered PTSD, or childhood abuse, this will definitely help you to feel safer, and give you some tools to re-connect more deeply with your precious body.

Perhaps you’ve dissociated due to childhood abuse or trauma, or perhaps because of an abusive relationship or life situation?

If you’re questioning whether you’re dissociated…

…if you’re not sure whether you fully inhabit your body

…if you suffer multiple health issues, or physical accidents

…or don’t feel a deep love or connection to your physical body… then this workshop is for you!


Güliz, Jini & Jenny

Güliz Ünlü is a certified Animal Communicator and BodyTalk practitioner.

Jenny Andrews has a degree in Herbal Medicine and is certified in Hypnotherapy, EFT & Lazer Tapping, and Matrix Reimprinting.

“Love the filming in the barn with you girls just sitting there. I feel I could be there. Nothing fancy or set up. I love the natural being of you all. The horses are amazing. the meditation part was awesome and the points checklist are very helpful.” – Paula S., New Mexico

This workshop is ideal for people who’ve suffered PTSD or abuse; anything that causes you to dissociate from your physical body. When we get overwhelmed with shocking events too painful to endure, our mind leaves our body for a while. Sometimes, this becomes the norm, and then we don’t know how to get fully back inside our body. We are then cut off from the vast store of body wisdom, pleasure and intuitive communication, that we should be able to access.

Allow the herd to show you where and how humans separate from their physical form and how we can safely move back inside our precious bodies. Facilitated by Jini Patel Thompson, Jenny Andrews and Güliz Ünlü, this beautiful workshop includes:

  • A HeartMath guided meditation with the herd
  • Messages from individual horses
  • A visceral experience of being with the herd as they show humans how to come back into right relationship with our body

The workshop is divided into 2 parts – two separate videos – so you don’t have to do the entire 80 minutes in one go. Of course, many feel the immersion is most powerful, so listen to your gut!

You will also receive an Action Points checklist to go along with this online video workshop. The checklist will guide you in how to turn the workshop teachings into your own practice.

Easy action steps help you internalize what you just experienced/learned, and develop your new awareness.

FREE BONUS - Guided Meditation – Place Your Consciousness Inside Your Body (value: $11)

Place Your Consciousness Inside Your Body

In this guided meditation (audio), Jini Patel Thompson helps you connect deeply with your body.

Jini will guide you through a process of placing your consciousness inside various parts of your body; to feel your emotions or receive images from your tissues and cells.

"I just did the guided meditation. Wow!!! wow!!!wow!!! I cannot really describe what happened. Just sitting there after like hypnotized, very tired, thirsty and feeling the energy flowing through my body. Incredible. I have not experienced something like this in my whole life! And I have practiced yoga and different types of meditation for a long time." - G.Z., Sweden

If a part of your body is in pain, or displaying a symptom you just can’t seem to relieve, use this exercise to connect into the messages your subconscious is sending you via your body.

As Jini says… “The body IS the subconscious. The body is the densest part of the soul.”